Noooo... That's not my nickname for my model/friend, Julie.  It's the name of the clothing company she's wearing.  Haven't heard of it?  It's probably because before six months ago, you could only find FATFACE in the U.K.  The Owners, a couple ski bums, named the clothing company after their favorite black diamond trail, and began selling pieces they designed to support their passion for skiing.  Twenty five years later, FATFACE has made it's way over to the U.S., with stores in Portland, ME, Newport, RI and Lynnfield, MA.  

FATFACE clothing is a combination of fashion and function.  Made to be worn for an active lifestyle, but can also easily transition to any daytime or evening look.  I love the pieces Julie got from FATFACE here in the Portland, Old Port.  Rolled up with sandals, Julie's jeans are a flattering wash that will carry her through a busy day.  Pair them with some booties and they transition perfectly for a cool Fall afternoon.  The white embroidered peasant top has precious details (like a row of buttons from the neckline to her shoulder) and compliments her casual daytime look.  Layered with a cardigan or blazer, that same top can be worn for even the most sophisticated events.

FATFACE carries a full line of women's, men's and kids clothing.  Although, don't be confused or thrown off by the odd sizing.  U.K. sizing is about four sizes larger than U.S.  For example, I wear a size 8 normally, but would grab a 12 at FATFACE.  If the number bothers you, just cut the tag out.  The fit is what matters.  Julie was impressed that a lot of their pieces fit right off the rack, considering she's a peanut.  She was so impressed, she said she'll probably order online for a bigger selection, once she found out that she can return anything she purchases online, in-store.

"As a petite, one perk as I see is I can shop from both the regular size and petite size sections.  However, many stores don't carry a petite option so finding pants and jeans that fit properly can be especially tricky. Even most "short" inseams are just too long for me.  On those lucky occasions when I find something that fits well, I just buy multiples of it.  It may be an item I buy in different colors or fabrics, but if it works, I save myself the hassle of trying on lots of things and focus on the great things I do find.  The top and jeans I'm wearing are from from FATFACE and both fit right off the rack.  I also purchased a couple other items from FATFACE that day.  Added bonus, was all were on sale.  I'm a happy customer and even though there were no petite options, with little guidance from the helpful employees on European sizing, I easily found some great things."                        

A huge thank you to my model and friend, Julie.  I've been begging her petitieness to be featured on my blog for years.  It's not easy to shop when you're body isn't the "standard" size, and Julie has always been able to achieve fashion success... Even with 28" inseam.  Julie was the one who told me about FATFACE and now I highly recommend stopping in next time you're in the Old Port in Portland.  They're located right on Exchange Street and their prices are "Mainer affordable".  Or check out an even bigger selection of FATFACE clothing online.
Chelsea K. RayComment