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The ultimate fashion goal: to walk into a room wearing something that everyone wants, but nobody has.  No easy feat, but luckily, I have discovered an online shopping platform that features independent fashion designers.  StyleWe is committed to providing shoppers with original, high quality and exclusive fashion that you won't find anywhere else.  The site gives customers the ability to communicate with designers directly, to offer a more customized shopping experience.  

"We believe the fashion trend should not be controlled by the few, but rather be guided by the collective actions of every designer and fashion customer.  At StyleWe, our goal is to empower designers so that they no longer feel hidden behind the brand, but are able to proactively communicate directly with their customers throughout the entire fashion life cycle.  We believe fashion should be personal and diversified.  Fashion designers should not cater exclusively to the rich and famous.  We have dedicated ourselves to enabling talented fashion designers to build their own brands and achieve their dream.  Together with our designers, we will deliver high quality designer fashions to everyone."                                                                                                       

Personally, I'm loving the concept, and the styles.  StyleWe features pieces that are cutting edge and can't be found at any of your local retailers.  I love following StyleWe on YouTube.  They feature runway shows by their fashion designers, new pieces for the coming seasons and beauty & styling tutorials.  I love seeing a runway show in the comfort of my own home.  Nothing pretentious about that.  Right now you can check out one of my favorite StyleWe designers, Anastasii Ivanova's Fall and Winter runway show, which features all my favorite pieces.  

Just like my fashion blog, StyleWe has their own blog you can follow.  Getting first hand testimonials, product reviews and insight into new designers is something every fashionista should be on to. I like that they don't just focus on their own brand, but also what all encompasses fashion and beauty.  There are tutorials on make-up, tips on how to style seasonal trends and breaking news in the world of fashion.  I know my morning routine will be coffee, then the StyleWe Blog.

My birthday is coming up soon and I've been searching for the perfect piece to wear to my party.  I obviously want to turn heads and have everyone asking, "where did you get that?".  Shopping at StyleWe will make finding the "of the moment" and unique piece easy, so that I can focus on what's really important at my birthday party... ME!
Chelsea K. RayComment