Sweatpants.  To wear them or not?  That is the question.  I feel like sweatpants got a bad rep.  It's like a few lazy people ruined it for all of us.  You see that one guy who thought no one would notice he's wearing sweatpants to Church.  Or your cousin that always shows up to Easter dinner in her yoga pants.  These sweatpant villains blurred the sweatpant lines and made it so people won't even walk out of the house in them.  I'm here to tell you, sweatpants are not jammies and they are appropriate in certain situations. 

The gym, for example.  If you're working out, sweatpants are totally fine.  Going to or from the gym?  Yes, your sweatpants are still okay.  A lazy Sunday?  Yes, sweatpants required.  I'll even run to the grocery store on that lazy Sunday to pick up what I need to make chili, in sweatpants.  Not feeling well and took the day off from work, appointments, etc?  Sport those sweatpants.  Going to your kid's sporting event early Saturday morning?  Some people may not agree, but I say wear sweatpants... then make sure you go home and shower and put on jeans before you proceed with your day.  Going shopping and having lunch with your girlfriends?  Don't you dare.

I struggle everyday with wanting to wear sweatpants.  I know it's not right, but the comfort temptation is there.  And now that I've found a style of sweatpants that are adorably flattering and finally long enough, the temptation is even stronger.  I mean, these sweatpants look better on me than some of my jeans.  So why don't I wear them for everything?  Because we just went over that!  Sweatpants are only for the most casual of situations. 

If you are going to wear sweatpants, and you aren't sick, I suggest making your look more interesting with a top that contrasts your sweatpants.  Above, I paired my flare sweatpants from Victoria's Secret with a lace bralette under a long sleeve burgundy top and matching Kangaroo sneakers.  The top has cut outs in the back that give the look some interest.  Don't like the peak-a-boo look?  Keep your top more fitted to contrast a more loose fitting pair of sweatpants.  Do love the cut outs in my top?  It's from Forever 21's active wear line.

Sweatpants will continue to be abused by unknowing fashion villains.  Don't be one of them.  There are plenty of places you CAN wear your sweatpants, but make sure that it's a very casual situation.  Try to pair your sweatpants with a fitted top for balance and definitely check out Victoria's Secret for a huge selection of sweatpants for all shapes and sizes.  I will be wearing sweatpants for the coming cooler months, but I promise to resist the temptation to wear them daily.  Fashion restraint is always necessary.

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