Mommin' Aint Easy

Someone (who hadn't seen me in a long time) told me I looked great after just having a baby.  I smiled and reminded them that my son was seven, but thank you.  I believe the last time this particular person saw me, my son was less than a year old.  A time when all of my being was put into caring for a tiny person that couldn't care for himself and my appearance was the least of my priorities.  So, how the heck does Teresa (pictured above with her one year old daughter Cecilia) always look so darn good?  I mean, matching flamingo outfits?  Stop.  Just stop and look.

I feel as though some moms make this "mom thing" look so effortless and Teresa is definitely one.  So give me your infinite wisdom, Girl.  Tell me how you manage to put on lipstick while your toddler is tearing every single one of your pots and pans out of your cupboards.  What it comes down to is time management and the fact that Teresa has always had an incredible sense of style.  Just because she had a baby, doesn't mean she's dead.  She's just learning to shift priorities and still look bomb while doing it all.

Teresa makes this mommin' thing look easy, but again, it's because she's strategic.  When I asked to come over and snap a few pics of she and CiCi, she was smart and worked around her nap schedule.  When your baby sleeps, your productivity level goes up 100%.  Also, Teresa wears fashionable pieces that also are functional.  Ever worn a pair of pants that you constantly have to adjust?  Or a pair of shoes that you just can't walk fast in?  That stuff gets packed away and replaced with stretch pants and sneakers, once your kids are mobile.  Practicality is essential when you're chasing a tiny person in diapers.  They're deceivingly fast.

If you are a mom and you're anything like me, just taking a shower when caring for a baby or two is a huge accomplishment.  Ifyou're like Teresa and make this "mom thing" look good, here are a few tips to surviving motherhood, while being stylish and functional:

  • Your body will continue to change.  I put on 50 lbs. when I was pregnant with my son.  It took a full year for my body to resemble it's original form and two years for my weight to go back to where I felt comfortable.  Buy pieces with some stretch to accommodate your changing body.
  • Wear flats, small wedges or a block heel if you're carrying your baby.  My worst mommy moment was when I twisted my ankle in 4" heels while carrying my one year old.  We were both okay, but I didn't wear heels for a long time after that.
  • You are tired.  It's okay.  People understand if your make-up and hair isn't perfect.  Find a cut that's easy to "wash and wear" and a make-up routine that takes less than 2 minutes.  If your toddler is being quiet and you can't see them, they're probably coloring on the walls or climbing up on the fridge. 
  • Lastly, an outfit that matches your baby or toddler gets you extra bonus points.  Check out how precious Teresa and Cecilia look in their matching flamingo looks.  Matching print or color theme will give the illusion that you put a lot of thought into your outfits. 
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