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Although staying in line with "what's on trend" is something I find important in my line of work, wearing fashion that is different from what everyone else is wearing is equally important.  I'm always on the search for pieces you won't find anywhere else, and they have to be affordable.  What trumps (excuse the ironically political pun) all fashion rules, is comfort.  I refuse to wear something that pinches, bunches, squeezes, rolls, etc.  Life is too short to be uncomfortable and your clothing's lifespan is too short to pay a lot.

I love shopping locally.  My husband and I own a local business and we are big advocates of supporting Portland, Maine's economy.  Before I hit the Mall looking for fashion, I always sweep the local boutiques.  Toko Indo is a boutique on Exchange Street that has an incredible selection of hand crafted jewelry, accessories and gifts.  But what I'm in love with, is their line of clothing.  The pieces remind me of Free People.  A very boho vibe, trendy and the best part is, it's super affordable.  No need to go to the Mall and overspend.  Toko Indos got it, plus it's a local business and a portion of their proceeds benefit charities in the area.

Don't live in Portland, Maine?  Toko Indo has six locations all down the East coast.  Each location has different pieces specific to their region.  I always like to pop in when I'm looking for a unique gift idea for a friend.  Their selection of beaded and silver jewelry has something everyone will like.  Looking for a cozy winter hat and scarf?  I'm loving their knitted accessories.  Especially the beanies with a big flower or pom pom.  My favorite clothing items at Toko Indo usually have a hippy vibe with unique prints like paisley or floral.  

The long sleeve white knit top and knit gray flare pants (pictured above) are both from Toko Indo and were under $50 for the entire look.  It's something that I'll wear all Fall and into winter (until the snow comes).  I usually suggest a look to have contrasting fits.  For example, if you're wearing a loose top, pair it with some skinny pants and vise versa with a more flowy bottom.  But, this look works for a couple reasons: 1.) The pants are tight from the waist to the knees, so I treated them like a pair of leggings, and 2.) The top is asymmetrical, so I paired the flare pants to work with the shortest length of the top.  Balance is key and this casual look has just enough.  

I'm a huge advocate of Toko Indo and will continue to shop there regularly.  Unfortunately, if you don't live around one of their six locations, they do not sell their merchandise online.  No one piece is uniform, because it's handmade.  You'll just have to visit Portland, Ogunquit, Provincetown, Portsmouth or Key West to get their unique and stylish pieces!  

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