Ryka Boots

Prime example of what I've been telling y'all for years... "Read fashion magazines for inspiration, (beyond my fabulous blog)".  I subscribe to three major fashion magazines (InStyle, People- Style Watch and Glamour).  None of which are known for high-end brands and all are known for featuring high-end... for less.  As much as I love Chanel, it's just not in my budget to bathe myself in it.  So in the meantime, I look for practical and unique pieces that I can actually afford.  

I wish I could take the credit, but Style Watch featured these Ryka: Microfiber and rubber boots in their November 2016 Issue (pictured above).  I instantly fell in love and ordered them in navy.  I knew they were going to be comfortable, but these boots are beyond.  The sole of them is made of a light rubber material, sort of like Crocs.  The microfiber top part is waterproof and you can lace them up to keep snow and rain out.  At $70 ($60 if you sign up to receive their e-mails), these boots are an amazing deal and incredible quality.

A few things to keep in mind when ordering these Ryka boots: They come with a second color of laces, so you can change the look of them depending on your outfit.  They run true to size, or maybe a half size big, but in the winter that just means you can layer an extra pair of socks under them for an extra cozy look.  They're super light and a cross-over from a sneaker to a boot, so expect to run, jump and take the stairs in them.  I'm completely in love and I've already fair-warned my husband that I'm ordering another pair in black.  A girl has to have options.

Winter is fast approaching.  Make sure you're ready with some fashion meets function Ryka boots.  Click HERE to shop all the amazing colors and sizes Ryka offers.

Chelsea K. RayComment