The topic of bodysuits is very personal to me.  Growing up, I was insecure about my height and weight.  See, in sixth grade I was six feet tall.  In the process of growing a foot in six months, I never gained a pound.  I had no hips, no boobs and if pants fit my waist, they were way too short.  I like to call it my "awkward years" and the result was a young girl who became very self-conscious.  Sad story.  I know.  It gets better, I promise.

Half way through sixth grade, my mom could tell I was struggling with my appearance and took me shopping.  She took me to my favorite store, KMart (I still love KMart, by the way).  Ironically, what was in style then, is almost parallel to what's in now.  Bodysuits were all the rage and I discovered that boy's pants come in different inseams (what?!).  It was my uniform.  Boys colored jeans, super tight bodysuits, a pair of chucks and a choker... and my first fashion compliment.  Not only was it my first fashion compliment, but it was from a boy.  A boy I liked.

I want to thank that boy for that moment that changed my life.  It may sound dramatic, but at that moment in sixth grade... I realized the purpose of fashion.  When you look good, you feel good and dressing your body to compliment what your mama gave you is what it's all about.  Knowledge is power and fashion works exactly that way.  Luckily for me, the boys eventually caught up with my height and I finally got some boobies and hips.  It took a few years, but my awkward body balanced out and my love for fashion grew.

Back to the topic at hand, bodysuits.  They're totally back in style from the 90's and you'd think I'd be sporting them daily.  Ironically, I only own one because my body now is completely different from my sixth grade body.  See bodysuits are designed for girls with exact opposite body type as mine.  I'm an apple.  Thin arms, thin legs and a thick waist.  Not exactly a flattering garment with a fitted bodice and predetermined length.  A bodysuit should be paired with a bottom that is either high-waisted or loose-fitting for balance.  I did find one bodysuit that fits perfectly once matched with a fit and flare faux leather skirt.

If you do have a slim waist and a normal length torso, bodysuits are great for you.  If you have large breasts, a long torso or a fuller waist, I highly suggest to avoid this trend.  I will give bodysuits credit that they were the start of my love for fashion, but as I get older, knowing what works and what doesn't, you probably won't see me in many.  The snappy crotch, the breast flattening aspect... I'm good.  The bodysuit has a much more powerful meaning to me, than fashionable purpose.

My bodysuit is from Target.  
The skirt is from TJMaxx.  
The boots are Aldo 
The black choker is Forever21.

Chelsea K. RayComment