90's Fashion is Back

Ten years ago, if you asked me if 90's fashion would ever come back I would have said, "there's no way".  No way "Mom jeans" and acid wash, chokers and baby tees or lug sole shoes and satin dresses are EVER going to re-emerge in the fashion world.  Obviously, I don't know shit.  Because all of it is back.  Not just back, but like, exactly how I wore it as a young girl.  I should have known when my mom always told me, "I can't believe that is back in style.  I used to have those exact same jeans", that every decade is going to make a comeback at some point.

A couple of my favorite looks from the 90's were school-girl skirts with over-the-knee socks, AND layering a dress or tank over a baby tee.  Think Clueless, and you've nailed it.  Normally, this is where I'd suggest making alterations to the original 90's fashion to make it more current, but not much has changed.  For those of you who were not fortunate enough to experience this fashion trend the first time, I'll give you a quick run-down of do's and don'ts that will keep your look fun and age appropriate.

Do layer a satin or velour dress over a baby tee or under a jacket.  Despite the midriff baring trend, showing too much skin is a definite don't.  Just like in current fashion, the 90's were all about a balance of tight and loose fitting clothing, along with contrasting silhouettes.  Balance a mid-length dress with a bootie, or close the leg gap on a short hem with over-the-knee socks.  A chunky lug sole shoe is easy to walk in and brings the height of your heel even higher.  With snow still being on the ground here in Maine, having a waterproof shoe that grips is a function and fashion DO.

There are several advantages to layering a baby tee or turtleneck under a top/dress with spaghetti straps.  First of all, it's super cute, but also showing bra straps is a big don't.  I find a bra with straps to be much more comfortable and supportive compared to a strapless.  Not having to worry about your bra straps peaking out or constantly adjusting your strapless bra, because you're covered, is awesome.  The layered baby tee is definitely a 90's trend that I hope sticks around.  Be sure to balance your baby tee with a less fitted layering piece.  Luckily the tight on tight trend has not reemerged.  

A choker and some dark matte lipstick and you're ready to bring the 90's back to 2017.  Keep your look grown-up with appropriately fitted layering pieces and keep your colors rich.  Florescent is for the kids.  Although it's officially Spring, lug soles and layering pieces are still necessary.  There's such a feeling of nostalgia when you bring a trend back to your current look.  I'm loving it all.  Bring it on, 90's!

Faux Leather Jacket: Target (old)

Gold Satin Midi Dress: H&M (old)

Lug Sole Booties: Steve Madden

Baby Tee: H&M (old)

Blue Satin Slip Dress: H&M

Black Choker: Forever21

Chelsea K. RayComment