My Spring Wishlist

My Spring wishlist is super long, but to save us all time, I'll narrow it down to the must-haves:

Off-Shoulder Top

We saw off the shoulder tops emerge last summer.  I was a bit weary to jump on the trend, because it's exclusively a Spring/Summer look, but seeing that it's here to stay, I MUST have one.  A couple tips to styling an off-shoulder top, (1) Pair a more loose fitting off-shoulder top with slim-fitting bottoms, and (2) Invest in a comfortable and supportive strapless bra, so you can wear this look all season long.

Fruit Inspired Accessories

Anyone who knows me, knows why I selected a cherry printed bag.  I've had a thing for cherries since High School.  I even have cherries tattooed to my hip.  Hard-core cherry fan.  Luckily, cherries, pineapple, watermelon, whatever fruit you like is all the rage for Spring.  You'll see me with cherry earrings, shoes, bags, clothes...  One tip to styling fruit inspired pieces is to stick to one fruit at a time.  Fruit salad isn't in, just yet. 

Raw Hem Denim

Whether it's a denim skirt, shorts or pants, a raw hem is everything this Spring.  Don't invest a lot into this trend.  It's likely to be short-lived, but an absolute must-have for the season.  You can always make your own raw hem by cutting the sewn hem off your favorite denim or even removing the stitches and letting the hem hang down raw.  Just wash your raw hem denim a few times and voila.


Mules are another trend that I had to give a moment to make sure they were going to stick around.  I wasn't sure I loved the trend until I saw peep-toe high-heel mules.  Now that's sexy.  The best part of wearing mules is that they're easy to slide on and off, but an added bonus is that they go with everything.  Cropped denim?  Yes.  Sexy cocktail dress?  Heck yes.  Yoga pants?  No.  Sorry, mules go with everything but yoga pants.  

Drop Waist Dress

The world's most figure flattering dress, the drop waist.  Get one.  Love it.  Get more.  Done.


Chokers took the 90's by storm and they're back.  Like, all they way back.  I have an insanely long neck, so a choker always looks right, but if you don't resemble a giraffe like me, be sure to wear your choker only with tops that show enough skin to not interfere or overlap your necklace.  Also, wearing your choker too tight will literally choke you.  Don't do it.  Wearing it too loose, the choker will turn around all day.  Find a choker that fits your neck just right.

All the pieces featured above are from Shein.  Click on the image to see their amazing prices and selection.

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