MD Maternity Shapewear

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a shapewear company to test out a few of their maternity pieces.  I'm not pregnant, but fortunately, I have a couple girlfriends who are.  They were thrilled at the opportunity to try on samples of quality shapewear, for their growing bodies.  When they're pregnant, some moms only grow in their bellies.  Other moms, like me, grow everywhere!  All the way from my neck to my ankles.  Luckily, maternity wear has taken leaps and bounds in support, function and fashion.  

My pregnant friend, Teresa, is expecting her second baby girl in August and was put on bed rest for most of her pregnancy.  Teresa and baby are doing well, her body is changing even more than her last pregnancy.  She's just starting to show in her belly, but her breasts began to grow very early on in her pregnancy.  She needed support and comfort and chose two MD Maternity Shapewear pieces.  The first piece: MD's Nursing Bras Push Up Cute Best Comfortable Breastfeeding Sports Bra, fit great.  The straps were soft, adjustable.  The material of the bra was stretchy, supportive and a high quality.

Teresa also tried on: MD Maternity Underwear Activewear Pregnancy Shirts Belly Support Band Long Sleeve Undershirt Again, the shapewear was stretchy, supportive and a high quality.  Teresa felt as though the long sleeve undershirt was a bit tight in all areas and said she would order a size up next time in this style top.  Hopefully, my dear pregnant friend will soon be able to venture out (a.k.a. be taken off bed rest) in her comfortable and supportive new shapewear from MD.  A big thank you to MD Shapewear for the great samples and to Teresa for being such a sport during her pregnancy.  

Chelsea K. RayComment