Mother's Day

I've had some crappy jobs in my lifetime.  Who knew plunging toilets came with the waitress job description?  But, you do what you have to when you gotta make money.  I figured, as long as there was a paycheck involved, I could clean just about anything.  Then, my son was born.  Everything disgusting that the human body does, his tiny little body did.  And I cleaned every bit of it.  No paycheck involved.  Because when you're a mom, it doesn't matter.  You love that tiny little being so much, you'll do anything.  It's called unconditional love, and it comes automatically, when you become a Mom.

I think it's a bit ridiculous that we celebrate moms only one day a year.  Moms give 100% of themselves 364 days a year, without any praise, and people think one day of recognition is sufficient?  Get out of here!  Moms should be celebrated everyday.  For getting up at the crack of dawn, because the kids are up.  For making breakfast, lunch, dinner AND doing the dishes.  For spending their entire Saturday watching Little League and their entire Sunday working on his science project.  For staying up late to bake the class apple chips for the school fair tomorrow.  We do it all in the name of love.

Don't just give your mom flowers and a card this year.  She deserves something special and unique, just like her.  Not sure what the perfect gift is?  Give her the gift of Personal Shopping and Wardrobe Organization.  Hire ME (a certified and experienced Fashion Consultant) to help Mom weed out the wardrobe pieces she shouldn't wear and assist her in shopping for new updated clothing and accessories, so she can feel fabulous all year long.  Every time Mom puts on a new top that she got while using her Personal Shopping gift, she'll feel the love that you gave back to her.  I work with any budget and the first hour Consultation is always FREE.

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