No Tricks, All Treats at Rosegal


Halloween is quickly approaching and being festive doesn't always have to mean wearing a costume.  Rosegal has hundreds of tops, dresses, accessories and even decorations to get you in the spirit. 

This year, Halloween falls on a weeknight.  For those of us who work or have school, bringing your Halloween spirit doesn't mean you need to wear a mask.  Check out this black pumpkin top with gashes.  An awesomely playful way to bring a little festivity to the office.  


Rosegal's Halloween Special has everything you need.  Halloween themed clothes, not your thing?  That's okay.  Rosegal has accessories galore.  Jewelry, bags, shoes.  Add a little fun to your day with a bloody choker.  Now that's creepy.


Not into wearing your Halloween spirit?  No problem.  Rosegal has wall decorations, throw pillows, curtains, bathroom sets, and even ice cube trays that shape your ice like skulls.


Have a spooky and safe Halloween!

Chelsea K. RayComment