Tan Clothing Line


Living near the ocean, the sounds, smells and beauty never gets old.  In the Fall, the sun reflects off the water, glistening in a way that's like nothing else.  Finding a clothing line that exemplifies the ocean's beauty is something I had never seen before, now.  Tan Clothing Line brings the ocean to you, with beautiful tops, kimonos, headbands, skirts, even leggings.

This high-quality clothing line is inspired by photographs of nature, printed on thick, stretchy material.  The tops, leggings and skirts are perfect for going from the gym, to the store, lunch with friends and picking up the kids.  Each piece has interest and will spark conversation about it's beauty. 


The kimonos offer incredible versatility.  Throw one on over leggings and a t-shirt and take on the day.  Jeans and tank top need a little something?  Each of Tan Clothing Line's kimonos tell a story with their nature-inspired design.  From sheer to stretchy, they'll keep your look contemporary, without breaking the bank.

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Want to win a piece for FREE?  Tan Clothing Line is giving away a stunning blue water print crop top on Instagram.  Click HERE for a chance to enter and WIN!  Winner will be selected today, so don't wait.  


Of course, to match the crop top, you need the yoga leggings and kimono to complete the look.  Or how about the stunning blue bird printed tank top with the ocean inspired body con mini, I'm wearing?  All the pieces are mix and match ready and offer all day comfort and versatility.  I paired the tank and mini with a gray cardigan and gray booties and let the printed pieces do the talking.  And talking they did!  I was stopped several times by strangers to comment and ask about where to get my amazing printed clothing.  The Designer, Tanyah is incredibly talented and has many more pieces coming soon.


A little bit about the Designer, Tanyah Murkes:

I opened my shop in August of this year after looking for ways to express my love for fashion and art. 

I have partnered with a manufacturer in Canada to help take make my dreams a reality. I believe in high-quality fabrics and sewing (ever since I myself learnt to sew a few years back I can’t help but notice the small details). It is important to me that the fabrics look and feel great on whoever wears them, as there is nothing better than wearing a super soft shirt, or slinky skirt and feeling fantastic. 

I have been working in the political sector for over a decade and felt that alongside my other career which I care deeply about, I need to work on something creative to enrich my soul. 

I design clothes that in my eyes have interesting patterns, through prints that are taken from photographs or objects. These prints evoke memories of places and emotions - and which I think are beautiful, special, different, and that I myself would be happy to wear.

I live in Israel with my husband and gorgeous toddler (and am currently expecting my second baby, in November). Tan - the name of my line, is both a nickname some of my closest friends and family call me, and the acronym of my name - Tanyah, my husband's name, Asaf and that of our baby girl, Naamah.

I love traveling, leaning about other cultures, history and art - all of these inspire me to look at shapes and colors in new ways that I use in my prints. 


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