Your Hue


My hue is definitely pink.  I've always gravitated to it.  Show me three tops, all the same style, but in different colors and I'll immediately reach for the pink one.  With that said, I've had to curb my instincts.  I mean, I can't wear pink head to toe everyday, can I?  Of course I can, but no one would take me seriously.  

Still, when I'm shopping for jewelry, a pair of pink sparkly earrings jumps out to me first.  Take the stunning chandelier danglers I'm wearing above, for instance.  Your Hue offers these same style earrings in a rainbow of different colors.  Which ones did I instantly have to have?  The pink ones, of course.  It's my hue. 

Blue Watch.jpg

Luckily, if pink isn't your hue, they have a full range of jewelry in every color you can imagine.  Blue watches, green earrings, even gray necklaces.  Have a beautiful yellow dress with nothing to match?  Your Hue has all the accessories to compliment your favorite color.

Their styles range from boho to classic, costume to contemporary and all the pieces are going to be a conversation piece.  It's not everyday you can walk around with a bold, red statement necklace and matching watch.  The best part is, if bright colors aren't your thing, Your Hue also has an incredible selection of gold, silver, black and white accessories to choose from.


It's not just the bold colors and incredible selection that caught my eye at Your Hue.  The prices are so affordable that you can't just get one piece.  Usually I'm specifically looking for a jewelry piece to go with a look.  With earrings under $10 and watches starting at $7, you can scoop up a few without breaking the bank.

My hue will always be pink.  It's my power color.  It's my soul sister.  Pink gets me.  Whatever your hue is, find the perfect jewelry to accent your life at Your Hue.

Chelsea K. RayComment