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When I was 30, my husband and I took the kids to the Bahamas.  Atlantis, to be exact.  It was incredible.  At the end of the trip, my husband surprised me with a spa day, which was exactly what I needed after a week of sunning and boozing.  I lay down for my first facial, ever.  The Esthetician asked me a slew of questions, then asked me to sit up.  

"You really wash your face with soap?" She asked.  I told her my skin gets oily, so soap helps dry it out.  She shook her head and began to lecture me about what bad condition my skin was in for my age and that I needed to change everything I was doing.  Although I was insulted she just told me my skin looked like crap... She was right.  I hadn't been taking care of  my skin and it was starting to show.

Luckily, the facial included a full line of sample-size skincare.  Of course my sample-size skin care ran out very quickly, and left me sticker shocked when I saw the prices of the full line I needed.  I couldn't do it.  It just wasn't in the budget.  So began my quest to find effective and affordable skincare.


My quest has officially ended.  I found Minnavi, and haven't looked back since.  Five years have passed since that "ah ha" moment in the Bahamas and my skin looks drastically better than it did, then.  Using a cleanser instead of soap has helped, but using Minnavi FLUID Moisturizer makes my skin literally glow.

 Our Fluid is a four-in-one (moisturizer + lotion + cream + essence all in one) product that's a replacement for moisturizer.  Our key ingredient is a patented ingredient called “Whitenol”. Whitenol is the key component to these products as it has a special ability to slowly penetrate deep into your skin throughout the day and known to give very strong skin lightening efficacy. Whitenol is 400 times stronger than Arbutin, which is most commonly used for whitening effect. Due to Whitenol and other patented ingredients, these products provide much longer hydration, moisturizing, and whitening effects for the skin. It's important to note that 'whitening' doesn't mean making your skin whiter but helping with pigmentation, uneven skin tones, and spots on your face for a 'brighter' look.   -Minnavi


I also use two oils/serums that are designed specifically for my skin type.  The first, DAMASK ROSE JOJOBA FACE OIL, helps with dryness, wrinkles and firmness.  A 100% all natural vegan ampoule is a blend of pure damask rose and jojoba oil packed with vitamins B and E, minerals, and antioxidants to deeply moisturize, nourish and soothe your skin.  I can't live without it.


The next oil I use daily with my moisturizer is a SUNFLOWER SWEET ALMOND FACE OIL.  Like the other oil, this one helps with dryness and wrinkles, but also specifically targets all those dark spots and circles I've began developing in my 30's. A 100% all natural vegan ampoule is a blend of pure sunflower oil and sweet almond oil packed with omega 6, vitamins A and E, and minerals to preserve a youthful appearance.


You can't avoid getting older, but with Minnavi Skincare, you don't have to look your age.  Achieve youthful, glowing skin by taking the right steps and using the right skincare.  Your skin is the first thing people see.  Make sure you treat it right. 

Chelsea K. RayComment