Monarch Jewelry- Tassel Earrings


A lot of time, my Blog Posts are inspired by pieces that are sent to me by Designers and Brands.  When I see something I like, I contact the Designer and ask if they're interested in me featuring their merchandise on my Blog.  I saw these beautiful beaded necklaces and bracelets on Facebook and contacted the Designer.

I think she was a bit hesitant at my first pitch.  She asked me why I would be interested in helping out her small jewelry line.  I told her, "When I first started my business, I had a lot of help.  Mostly from Brands and friends who believed in me.  Your jewelry is unique, beautiful and I believe people would be interested in seeing more."  She asked what colors and styles I like and I didn't hear from her for a few weeks.

Well, wouldn't you know it... In the mail I receive three stunning pieces.  All handmade and nothing like I've seen anywhere else.  I'm going to keep the other two pieces a surprise for another post soon, but I felt the tassel earrings deserved to be featured on their own.  The craftsmanship and quality of these earrings are incredible.


The contrast of color on my hair is perfect.  And the length of the earrings makes it so there's no necklace needed.  These tassel earrings steal the show.  With a full closure clasp, the earrings stay on through a full day.  They're soft and move with me, so they never weigh me down or catch on my hair or clothing.

I'm in love and highly suggest you check out Monarch Jewelry's line of beautiful handmade pieces.  From earrings, to necklaces, to bracelets to mini crowns (which are all the rage right now), the Designer makes everything with high-quality material.  Her pieces are unique and stunning and I believe will be the next big thing in custom jewelry.

My outfit is from Forever21.

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