FEIDU Sunglasses


They say an oval-shaped face can wear any style sunglasses.  I lucked out on that one, because I LOVE sunglasses.  I balance my big ole' nose and six-foot frame with over sized glasses, but struggle finding fashionable frames that are light, comfortable and polarized.  

The struggle was real... until now.  FEIDU Sunglasses cover all the bases and offer every style, shape and color you could imagine.  The best part, is that they're incredibly affordable.  Like, get a few pair, affordable.  I ordered my first pair on Amazon, and they came very quickly in the mail.  I wanted to first try a unisex style, in case my husband wanted to steal them.

There's no way he's getting these ones!  When I opened the package, they came in a sturdy case with a high-grade fabric wipe, a repair kit key chain and a little card that shows how polarized sunglasses work (you can't see anything on the card without the sunglasses on).


A little about the quality of the FEIDU Sunglasses...

Lens: 100% UV400 protection coating, blocks 100% harmful UVA and UVB rays.  Full glare barrier.

Nose Pad: High quality, comfortable material.  Wearing glasses won't leave traces.

Arms: Anti-hook damage.  Includes repair kit key chain.


With tons of contemporary styles to choose from, starting under $14 a piece, FEIDU Sunglasses are the exactly what you need for eye protection.  Don't forget to order a few pair to giveaway for the Holidays.  Everyone will think you broke the bank on their lightweight, stylish and polarized new sunglasses.


My plaid shirt is from Oldnavy, the necklace is from Mirina Collections and the Sunglasses are FEIDU.

Chelsea K. RayComment