Holiday Gifts: Vol. 1


I'm not a great gift giver.  Every year, I make mental notes of what people mentioned they wish they had, and every year, the Holidays approach and I can't remember a darn thing.  So, I frantically head out with blinders on and hope shopping will spark some memories.  When I walk away from my Holiday shopping, feeling defeated, I usually take the approach called, "I'll get you something I like and hope you like it too".  

Like I said, I'm not a great gift giver.  But one thing I am good at is thinking of unique gift ideas.  Don't give her another scarf.  She has hundreds.  Gift cards are so impersonal.  How about beautiful hand-crafted, beaded jewelry?  A small jewelry line called Monarch Jewelry makes everything from the stunning gold necklace I'm wearing (above) to the holiday crown I'm wearing (below).


Mom, your sister, your girlfriend/wife will love that you took extra time to find her a beautiful piece of jewelry that no one else has... But everyone wants.  Have a little girl in your life?  She absolutely needs a princess crown just her size.


Chokers are totally trending right now.  Get the young lady in your life a Wonder Woman choker with beaded 3D rosettes.  Or my favorite, the long tassel earrings that will be turning everyone's head.  


Whether you are a unique and thoughtful gift giver, or like me and a absent-minded gift giver, give her a beautiful piece of unique hand-crafted jewelry, by Monarch Jewelry.

Chelsea K. RayComment