New Website!

I couldn't be more excited to announce that I've launched a brand new website that lists everything you need to know about my Consulting Business and features my Fashion Blog! Check it out at

Fashion Consulting has always been a passion of mine.  I've always struggled with the concept of high-end couture being so binding and overpriced.  I quickly learned that you don't have to have a fat wallet to look like a million bucks.  I took my knowledge of retail and fashion merchandising from USC and applied it to real life.  The result: A style that is fashion forward and affordable.  

Friends and even strangers started to take notice of my style and wanted to know how they could get my look.  I began taking Clients shopping to the stores that have merchandise with high-end looks for less and showed them tips on how to shop efficiently.  Working with their budget, I educated them on styles that are flattering for their body type and my Consulting Business took off from there.  

After a few years professionally fashion consulting, my Client's were so pleased with the results, they wanted a way to stay current on fashion trends, tips on where to shop locally and affordable looks.  Thus, my Fashion Blog was born.  You're not going to find the latest Louie bag or Chanel suit on my blog.  You're going to find the latest fashion trends that are affordable and accessible.  

We all want to look our best, and a stylish wardrobe is something we can all achieve.  I work with any budget, age, body type and gender.  Check out my list of services on my website at 

Of course I didn't build this empire on my own.  I had a lot of help along the way.  A huge thank you to my Husband, Joe, who made it all possible.  My family and friends, who have not only been my guinea pigs and models, but also my biggest support.  And a Client, turned friend, SallyAnn, who helped me build and launch this incredible website.

Verve Digital Marketing is a local Portland Maine company, run by SallyAnn Gray, providing digital marketing services (like creating a lovely, new, mobile-friend website) to small businesses. SallyAnn took my vision and made it tangible, and I never could have done it without her.  I love everything about my new site and hope you to do. If you are looking for some marketing assistance (like website, email, social) for your business, I highly recommend you check out her services here -

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