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Prom and Wedding season is here!  And there's only one site that has the best selection and prices of formal and semi-formal dresses.  It's MillyBridal UK.  Styles of prom dresses havn't changed a lot over the past twenty years, but there are a few trends that have become more popular recently.  For example, long sleeves.  Traditionally speaking, prom dresses usually show bare shoulders and have more coverage on the skirt of the dress.  Although this silhouette is lovely for the young lady with sculpted arms and prominent collar bones, it's a nightmare for a triangle body-type. 

With the option of long sleeve prom dresses becoming more popular, UK Milly has a huge selection of dresses for every silhouette.  Love your back, but not your shoulders?  A long sleeve, backless prom dress is perfect for you.  Have a small waist and large hips?  Try a ball gown which emphasizes your hourglass figure.  Not sure which silhouette is most flattering for your body type?  UK Milly has a guide that helps with necklines, silhouettes and train length on their site.  

Choosing a perfect dress for wedding and events could be a terrifying process.
There are so many dress options out there, it can be too overwhelming to choose a suitable one. How could you make sure which dress will make you look and feel the most beautiful? And which dress is supposed to be your dreamed one? Together with the talented dress designers, best of the Bridal industry, we’ve created a handy shopping guide on how to choose your dress. Refer to our guidelines whenever you may need it. We’ve also concluded some super helpful ideas that show exactly what dress shapes, necklines and trains are available to you! Hopefully it will add a little fun to your dress hunting experience! Happy shopping everyone…

Another popular trend are two-piece dresses.  These dresses are popular among prom goers with a slim waist.  As a general rule, don't show too much skin in your two piece prom dress.  If your waist is showing, be conservative with your skirt length and skin baring top.  The pink two-piece prom dress pictured above is a perfect example of balance.  More coverage on the top and bottom lends a perfect opportunity to draw your eye to her waist, which is exactly the goal.

Another tasteful way to show some skin, are with backless prom dresses.  The dress pictured above has an elegant balance of peak-a-boo cut outs at the waist and complete exposure of the back.  I love how the model accessorized her backless dress with a necklace down the back to draw your eye even more.  Concerned about undergarments?  The perfect solution to a backless dress is a backless bra.  I own one and wear it all the time.  I find it even more comfortable than a strapless and it holds tight all night long.  

Whether it's your shoulders, back or waist you want to make the start of the show, UK Milly has the biggest selection of affordable prom dresses around.  With options in any silhouette, color, length and style, find your perfect dress to make a statement at prom this year.