Effective Skincare Tool

It takes a lot to impress me, these days.  All these skincare products making promises that they do ten things in one.  Hard to believe, right?  Well, put your doubts to the side, because I have found a blackhead remover skincare tool that is not only effective, but highly impressive as well.  It essentially looks like an ear thermometer and promises to exfoliate, boost collagen, diminish fine lines and remove blackheads.  

As soon as the Comedo Suction Tool arrived, I charged it and put it to work.  I used it just after I showered to allow my pores to open.  I first tried the large round head, which promises to boost collagen and remove blackheads.  Initially, the suction mechanism freaked me out, but wouldn't you know it... blackheads from my chin and forehead began lifting up like magic into the head.  I changed the head to the smaller round one and removed tons of blackheads from my nose area.  It was disgusting and awesome, all at the same time.

I had no irritation, just diminished pores.  I quickly splashed my face with cold water the close my pores and applied moisturizer and makeup.  My skin looked a felt as smooth as a baby's bottom.  The next day, I was anxious to try the microcrystalline head, which was suggested to use on all parts of the body.  A hot shower opened my pores and I went to town with it.  Promising skin renewal, this slightly abrasive head removed my dead skin cells, plumped my fresh skin and the appearance of my face was almost glowing.  

I would highly recommend this skincare tool for all skin-types and ages.  It's affordable, easy to use and a lot of fun.  The results are immediate and everyone is noticing my clearer, more supple skin.  Purchase it HERE.

Chelsea K. RayComment