Glam Bag!


Who doesn't love getting packages in the mail?  I know I get super excited when I order something and know when it's coming, but how about a surprise?  I'd say, double excitement!!  When my Glam Bag from Zena Salon and Boutique arrived, I couldn't wait to open my pretty little package.

Each month, my Glam Bag arrives filled with themed pieces.  It's a surprise every month, and it never disappoints.  This month, the theme was SLEEP!  A function that is so necessary, but rarely discussed.  And as we all know, preparation for sleep is everything.  My evening ritual is always the same and my September Glam Bag covered everything I need for a perfect night's sleep.


A little note in my Galm Bag listed all the amazing things included.  Zena reminds us that, "sleep is the most important part of your day.  While you sleep, your body restores and repairs itself.  Use this Qi & Jin Essence Night Cream to help repair find lines and wrinkles on the face.  This oriental herb concentrate contains Gongjin Bidan that provides firmness and nourishment deep into the skin".  I tried it and woke up with the softest skin ever.

Also in the Glam Bag, there's a gold unicorn pencil.  Perfect for keeping by my bedside with my journal.  I always jot down all the things on my mind, just before bed to clear my head and get a great night's sleep.  

A silver charm bracelet was included, as well.  I've been wearing mine everyday.  This month, the three charms include a Queen Bee charm (yes, I am), a flip flop charm reminding us of the incredible summer we just had and the last one is a compass.  Reminding you to stay on track!  Each month, the Glam Bag includes new charms to add to your bracelet.  I can't wait to see which charms I get next month!


My favorite part of the Glam Bag?  Definitely the cozy lounge shorts.  The image doesn't do it justice.  These shorts are so soft, I've been wearing them not only to bed, but also to lounge around in on the weekends.  They're so comfortable and cute, I'm obsessed.

The Glam Bag note ends with a reminder, "Nothing worth having happens over night!  Be a determined fool.  Be patient and diligent, never be afraid to dream.  With hard work and dedication, you can makes those dreams come true."

Ready to get your own Glam Bag Subscription?  Contact Zena Salon and Boutique HERE.

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