Pono: Sophisticated Statement


I'm always on the search for statement pieces that look professional and sophisticated.  That one piece that takes my white button-down from basic to beautiful.  I didn't just find one piece, I found hundreds and they're all on one site: PONO.  PONO has "cultivated a reputation for producing jewelry with an artistic, timeless sense of luxury, durability and originality".  

I have plenty of those tiny chains that break and tangle.  I've got millions of heavy, jeweled statement pieces.  Like my wedding ring, I'm looking for jewelry that is as unique in it's materials as it is in it's meaning.  "PONO is the Hawaiian word for righteousness in all it's forms: quality, morality; goodness; virtuousness; in perfect order.  It also carries an implication of belonging within the realm of necessary and beneficial."



Meditating upon prototypes in her midtown-Manhattan office, dressed in the classically understated manner of certain fashion editors, Joan Goodman makes an instant impression: kind, engaged, passionate, jumping from topic to topic, as designers brimming with ideas often do. Goodman, the designer behind PONO, a New York City-based jewelry company, is just back from Italy, where she makes trips to design and produce her critically acclaimed and increasingly popular line.


Today, with hundreds of items to offer-rendered in materials as diverse as horn, wood, metal, shell and Italian resin, PONO is honored and delighted to offer women timeless pieces that remain eminently creative, colorful, conscious and collectible.




The versatility of my new matte black PONO necklace is incredible.  I can wear it to dress up jeans and a t-shirt, layer it over chains for extra interest, dress up my basic white button-down or be the piece everyone is talking about, when I wear it with a sleek cocktail dress.  

I'm not the only one talking about PONO.  They've been seen in InStyle, Glamour and Real Simple Magazines, featured on Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.  Take a look closer to these incredible pieces at PONO by Joan Goodman.

Chelsea K. RayComment