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Let's be real.  It's still January and most of the U.S. is being directly effected by winter weather.  As much as the fashion magazines want to tempt us with spring style, we have to stay on the practical side of reality and layer up.  But covering up doesn't mean you have to look frumpy.  

I just got one of the world's most versatile dresses from Scatto Clothing, and although it's sleeveless, I can still wear it every season for almost any occasion.  Truthfully, I wanted every single piece from Scatto, but this dress stood out for many reasons.  The royal blue color can work for day or night, the lace detailing gives it unique interest and it's lined which offers warmth in the winter and modesty for summer.


SCATTO is for the modern, chic and contemporary fashionista, specializing in the versatility of what makes us who we are.  We are a small family business that is growing into something much greater! We are dedicated and passionate about fashion. We love to watch the trends change and embrace those new trends that meet the needs of our clientele.

OUR CLOTHING embrace the new trends in the fashion industry in both Women’s and Young Junior's.  We are known for offering on trend brands and eye catching patterns. Our clothes help women start each day with something special – because we know a women’s favorite outfit can make every day a great one. Our mission and passion is to transform women’s lives by making them feel good about themselves, through their outward appearance. We offer a range of casual pieces that provide comfort and on trend style.


From designer jeans to lace-up leggings, sweaters to fur bombers and casual to semi-formal dresses, Scatto Clothing is a full line of contemporary and affordable women's clothing.  I'm going to be wearing my new blue dress for everything from a girl's lunch to an evening cocktail party. 

Pair it with a faux fur and over-the-knee boots in the winter, and you're out the door.  For Spring, I'll swap out the fur and boots for heels and a cropped leather jacket.  Summer?  All she needs is a delicate necklace and strappy sandals.  I'll also be taking this dress with me every time I travel.  The material doesn't wrinkle, so you can just pull it out of your suitcase and go.

I'm so glad I discovered Scatto Clothing.  The prices and quality are right in line with what I look for when I'm shopping.  Not to mention the shipping was fast and the customer service was excellent.  I highly recommend shopping for your next look at Scatto Clothing.


WHO WE ARE we are a family business. I have been devoted to fashion my entire life. My dream has always been to “walk the runway”. I am constantly reading and watching the new trends.  I am inspired by contemporary, modern chic pieces that are on trend while providing comfort.  My passion is to transform women  from the inside out. I have owned a  Facial/Massage Clinic for the past 6 years with great success.  Women are transformed in those treatment rooms. They come out looking and feeling fabulous. I wanted to add one more layer and develop a clothing line that transforms their outward appearance to match their inward feeling.  Making women feel fabulous inside and out is my mission in life.    -Scatto

-Blue Lace Dress: Scatto Clothing, Pale Pink Faux Fur: Primark, Over-The-Knee Boots: Aldo

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