The Curated Closet


Unfortunately, I don't buy everything I want.  Like most people, I'm on a budget.  I've developed a strategy where I say to myself, "Wait for it to go on sale.  If it's still there, on sale, in your size, then it was meant to be".  Almost like a fate thing.  Like the Fashion Gods held this dress just for me, at the price I can afford.  You could play the game of chance like me...

OR, you could just shop at The Curated Closet.  They have all those designer pieces that you've been waiting so patiently to go on sale for, at 30-70% off the retail price.  The Anne Klein Jungle Print Wrap Dress I'm wearing was originally $129.00.  Although it's worth it, The Curated Closet had it for a fraction of that price.  I had to have it.


For a Client meeting, I put this dress on and instantly felt like a Boss.  Paired it with black chunky booties and I was out the door, looking fabulous, in minutes.  Now, that's a power dress.  But it's not just the dress that gets all the respect... Because I never would have been able to afford this dress at it's original retail price.  The Curated Closet made it accessible and affordable.

From designer dresses to work staples, leather moto jackets to sleek tops for a night out and a full line of stunning wedding dresses, The Curated Closet has everything you need to look amazing.  On top of their incredible prices, The Curated Closet has allowed me to offer my followers 15% OFF!  Just use code CKR15 at checkout.


Until I get to the point where I can buy any Designer piece I want, The Curated Closet is my go-to boutique for affordable and contemporary looks.  

Introducing, The Curated Closet. I often get to shop at sample sales and trunk sales and overstock sales, higher end department store overstock lots, and even some pre-sales that gets me access to some great pieces! I usually pick up pieces with a client in mind. Sometimes I pick them up hoping I can unload them on a future client. Sometimes I pick them up just because they are too irresistible to leave behind. That has left me with lots of great stuff…and a new business opportunity. I am going to be selling those great picks, online via my website – starting in early 2017.     -Marlinie, Owner

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