Zaful Valentine's Day 2018

Ah, Valentine's Day.  The holiday that lends a spectrum of emotions to all.  Some feel the warm love of red... and others are overcome with deep, deep black.  I'll be honest.  I've been on both ends of the spectrum.  Even if you are lucky enough to be in love on Valentine's Day, it's virtually impossible to be enveloped in romance for 24 hours.  

Whether you're feeling the warm red or the deep black, wearing a fun flirty outfit will make those around you smile.  Zaful has an amazing selection of clothing, lingerie, jewelry and accessories for Valentine's Day.  Don't like wearing red or pink?  Zaful Valentine's Day 2018 collection has heart shaped accessories in every color of the rainbow.

One year, I wore a teal sweater with black hearts to a Valentine's Day lunch with my husband.  The color of the hearts didn't indicate my mood.  More that the black hearts matched my new black jeans I was dying to wear.  People definitely took notice.  Once person commented, "Your heart is black today".  

It was a good reminder that although your outward appearance should not have an indication of who you are, people do see how you present yourself on the outside first.  With such power, use it to celebrate the year's most loved or hated holiday, Valentine's Day.  Get all your Valentine's Day apparel and accessories from Zaful.

Chelsea K. RayComment