Moreslan- Thermal Sonic Facial Brush


I have a Carisonic Mia Facial Cleansing Brush.  I got one after a facial when it was insisted that I "need" one.  It makes my face feel soft and clean, but after a few uses, it begins to smell of mildew.  I've replaced the brush.  I've washed the brush.  I clean the device, but I can't seem to shake the smell.  The last thing you want is to smell mildew on your face all day.


I got this new kind of facial brush by Moreslan.  The Thermal Sonic Facial Brush.  Sounds fancy, but let me tell you, it's simple and effective.  It's shaped sort of like a big finger and the rubber pink exterior makes it easy to handle.  After an extremely quick charge, I hopped in the shower, lathered my face with foaming cleanser and gently washed my face, neck, back and chest with it.    


I gotta tell you... I'm in love.  Move over Clarisonic!  Mama has a new facial brush that works great, leaves my skin clean, soft and glowing and doesn't stink after a couple uses.  Plus, it's way lighter and sleek for travel, and comes with a little pouch to store it in, so I can pack it easily in my carry-on.  My favorite part is that, if I don't want to use it in the shower or tub, it works great with a cream cleanser before bed.  I can focus on my T-Zone, because it gets into the little corners of my forehead and nose.  I love that.


I gave myself a Thermal Facial Massage last night in the tub and accidentally dropped the facial brush completely in the water!  Normally I would have panicked with my Clarisonic, but because the Moreslan-Thermal Sonic Facial Brush is completely waterproof, it was no problem.  I still haven't needed to re-charge it and it's been a week.  It's a pretty amazing beauty tool and I highly recommend it to anyone that is looking for a better solution to cleansing.

Chelsea K. RayComment