Natural Healing: Essential Oils


I have Ulcerative Colitis.  It's a Chronic Illness.  It's an Autoimmune Disease.  It's an Inflammatory Bowel Disease that can cause Cancer and some days, it's debilitating.  There is no known cause and no known cure.  But this isn't a "poor me" story.  I got over my diagnosis 15 years ago and instead of letting my disease determine how I live my life, I took control. 

I mean, as much control as I can.  Food used to be my enemy, but I've learned what to avoid.  Eating clean is essential.  Most things in moderation, are fine.  Unfortunately, my number one trigger for a flare-up is out of my control.  STRESS.  If you've got a life, you've got stress.  I thought I could control my stress, but every time a train passes in the middle of rush hour and I'm late, I can't help but feel a sharp pain in my abdomen.  

Life hands you lemons and it's how you deal with them, that determines the outcome.  I've also taken a natural approach to my healing process.  I'm prescribed some pretty strong medication that I have to take when I can't get control of my flare-up, but other than that, I believe in natural remedies.  Did you know Turmeric is an awesome anti-inflammatory?  I take a capsule everyday.

I also use an Essential Oil Immune Roller.  Check out it's benefits below:


If you suffer from any type of Disease, you know attitude is everything.  You're not going to get better feeling badly for yourself.  Alternative medicines can be effective, but always check with your Doctor before starting any type of natural remedies.  Remission is possible.  Never give up believing that a cure will someday come.

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