Wrapums: Gorgeous Accessories for A Great Cause


Ever look in the mirror and say, "it needs something"?  It's usually an accessory you're in search of.  A necklace, scarf, belt.  Something to add some interest to your look, as well as draw the eye to or away from somewhere.  For example, my white boots and white floral headband were unbalanced, with the teal slip dress taking over my middle.  I needed to break up and soften the entire look.  

My belts weren't cutting it, so I got creative and wrapped a new ivory scarf around my waist.  The beautiful scarf came with a flower pin which was the perfect tool to hold my belt and tie the floral headband into the look.  I love wearing pieces in unexpected ways, and this new ivory twist scarf by Wrapums is the perfect accessory to do that.  Plus, it's the perfect color to carry through all the seasons.  


"Wrapums are designer crochet bracelets, shawls, by Teresa-Jane, they come in a range of colors of wool and mixed yarns and are easy to wear, for bracelets wrap them around your wrist and fasten the button, great for everyday wear, you can have wrist warmers for those colder winter days, or summer wraps for the warmer days, which ever suits you best you will find them in the  Consciouscrafties or folksy shops please click on the  shop links to go to the  shop ;) If you'd like a custom made Wrapums please do send us an email at wrapumsbytjane@gmail.com"                                                    -Wrapums Owner Teresa-Jane


The beautiful young lady who makes these gorgeous accessories is not only talented, but overcomes the chronic challenge of being deaf while she creates beautiful accessories.  She works with an organization called "Conscious Crafties: an online marketplace and support community for creative people living with Chronic Illness, Chronic Health Conditions, Disability or Caring for love ones affected".  Support Wrapums* and order a beautiful bracelet, scarf, shawl or broach today.

*More featured pieces by Wrapums coming soon.

Dress: H&M, White Booties: Steve Madden

Chelsea K. RayComment