Don't be Too Cool for Christmas


Last year, my family and I jetted off to Italy and France for the Holidays. Trust me. Normally we’re not so fancy. Normally Christmas consists of baking cookies, decorating the tree and celebrating with family and friends. Although Christmas in Florence was magical, I missed the traditions that we always celebrate with everyone.

Christmas is much less commercialized in Europe. It’s a religious holiday that is celebrated in Church. The lights are beautiful and the Nativity scenes on every corner are breathtaking. Not to mention they keep it real in Europe and baby Jesus doesn’t show until the day of Christmas. After all, it is the reason for the season. It was a beautiful way to celebrate the Holidays.

With all that said, this year, I’m going overboard. It’s only December 4th and my tree and outdoor light are up. My shopping is done and my fruitcakes are soaking in rum. My radio station is set to Christmas music and I’m taking it all in. Gotta make up for some lost time.


My spirit is high and I’ll be rocking all the Christmas traditions that I missed out on last year. It only comes once a year and I’m not going anywhere but to every single Christmas Party possible. I’m indulging in the Christmas punch, I’m going overboard on the decorations, I’m watching Christmas movies until my son pukes.

So, if you see me in a ridiculous Santa dress with matching red booties, get used to it. I love Christmas. I love all the traditions that go along with it and I’m making up for last year. Don’t be too cool for Christmas. It’s fun, happy, special and everyone is a little nicer this time of year.

If you like my silly Santa dress, I got it at Marshalls. My red booties are from Payless. You don’t have to spend a lot of feel festive!

Chelsea K. Ray1 Comment