Include Wardrobe Organization in Your 2019 Goals


You’ve set some goals for 2019. The dreaded “get healthy” goals, work and family goals… But did you set a goal to get organized? Being efficient is more powerful than you think. If you can wake up in the morning and easily put together a look that makes you feel confident, wouldn’t that set the tone for the rest of the day? Be sure to include wardrobe organization in your 2019 goals.

I’m a Professional Wardrobe Organizer. I help Clients achieve their wardrobe goals by eliminating confusion and doubt in their closet. Here are a few tips to get started:

  1. Purge. Pull all your clothes out of the closet, out of storage and off the floor. Separate each piece into piles. A.) Fits well & works with other pieces in my closet. B.) Fits well, but is seasonably inappropriate (these pieces will be stored in a big plastic bin and put away). C.) I like this piece a lot, but don’t know what to wear it with. D.) Has a stain, rip or is faded. Is out of style (this pile is going to be donated). E.) Doesn’t fit or haven’t worn in a year (this pile should be consigned for $$).

  2. Put Away. Okay, so you’ve donated your old clothes that you can’t wear anymore and you’ve consigned your nicer pieces that just don’t fit your body or style. Congratulations. A lot of people struggle with the purge process, so you should be very proud. Now, buy several plastic bins (I get mine from Target and prefer the clear ones, so I can see what’s inside), and put pieces away that are seasonably inappropriate. For example, sandals do not belong in your closet in the winter. Neither do delicate florals. Pack ‘em away for Spring.

  3. Update. Now you’re left with 2 piles. Your pieces you love and wear regularly and your pieces that you love but don’t know what to pair them with. This is when you call me. I’ll come and help you with steps 1 & 2 if you’re struggling with letting go, but the real work comes when it’s time to coordinate your pieces. I’ll help you look at pieces you already own and coordinate them in ways you may not have thought of. Then, we’ll make a list of pieces I think you’re missing to complete your wardrobe. Based on your budget, we’ll fill in the gaps together or I can bring pieces to you to select.

  4. Once your wardrobe coordinates and you’ve filled in all the pieces to update your look, getting dressed in the morning will be easy and fun. You’ll feel confident walking out the door that you look amazing and that confidence will radiate throughout the day in everything you do.

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