A cool graphic tee can be the most versatile piece in your wardrobe.  I must have at least 30 t-shirts in my closet, but my most recent favorite is one that I like to dress up.  The lifestyle Brand is Dresdeco and there's meaning behind the design.  

DRESDECO Apparel is an Art Based Lifestyle Brand. Providing an artistic style to the active lifestyle world.
Here is where Apparel meets Art.
Brand DresdecO offers a more clean and detailed appeal to the clothing / apparel industry. Engaging with all Genres and Generations promoting awareness of the importance of being active, whether it be through Music / Dance or Modelling.
DresdecO is a movement with Hand-Drawn Fashion Illustration roots that has evolved into something more front page edited as planned.


Starting with my Dresdeco tee and black leather pants, I changed my accessories and made two different looks.  This is a great strategy when you're traveling or you're limited on closet space.  Find one streamlined look, change your shoes and layering piece and make it your uniform.  

When shopping for leather pants, keep in mind that a little stretch will go a long way.  They not only stretch out when you need it, but they also take their shape back when you don't.  There's nothing worse than your bottom looking baggy because you sat down.  Same goes for a quality tee.  My Dresdeco t-shirt is a high quality fabric, so it moves with me throughout my day and never loses shape.  The black lends a more sleek look that works for day and night.


As an Ambassador for Dresdeco, I'm looking forward to featuring more looks from this Brand.  Every time I wear their pieces, people take notice.  The logo is a conversation piece and the Brand is a lifestyle.  Check out all their pieces and more about Dresdeco HERE.

As Artist / Creative Director / Owner of this Brand, 
more than happy to say that this Brand is a living representation of my very own defeats, set-backs and bad days.

Who knows what I would do with myself if I didn't have this kind of
Artistic Expression Platform.

Artistic = The Hand Drawn Artwork.
Expression = Brand Ambassador Photography Images.
Platform = Self Made Label; DresdecO.

Also on a mission to bring more Brand Awareness towards this Brand by branding with other undiscovered talents.                 -Dresdeco

-White Blazer: Urban Outfitters, Dresdeco T-Shirt: Dresdeco, Leather Pants: Express, Red Blazer: H&M, Sparkle Pumps: Aldo

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