Curated Closet: Spring Must Haves


I'm in love.  Love, love, love.  Talk about two spring staples.  An embellished leather skirt and a cropped leather moto jacket.  Pair the look with a sheer blouse and heels and you have the perfect look for evening.  A graphic tee layered underneath and a pair of fashionable sneakers and you can go all day in style and comfort.  For cooler days, a striped sweater and booties and once the spring warms up, sandals and a tank will carry you from day to night.  It's an incredibly versatile look, and you can get it at The Curated Closet.


The versatility of two pieces that work together so well make possibilities endless.  Not into leather mini skirts?  That's okay.  The cropped leather moto from The Curated Closet can be paired with almost anything.  The way it hits just right at your waist, accentuates the curve of your body.  Be sure the length of your top falls either above or below the line of the jacket.  Top it over a button-down blouse for a feminine look, or layered on top of a fit and flare dress, for a waist cinching effect.

Learn more about The Curated Closet and shop for all your spring must-haves.  Be sure to use code CKR15 at checkout for 15% OFF your order.


Introducing, The Curated Closet. I often get to shop at sample sales and trunk sales and overstock sales, higher end department store overstock lots, and even some pre-sales that gets me access to some great pieces! That has left me with lots of great stuff…and an idea for a new business opportunity. I am going to be selling those great picks, online via my website – and in my new brick & mortar store in Doylestown, PA!

You will see a lot of dresses in my store. Because I love dresses. My co-workers and friends think it’s because I’m “girly”. And, I am. But that’s not why I love dresses…it’s because I’m lazy. Dresses are an easy way to look put together without a lot of effort, IMO. 

                                                                                         -Marni: Owner of The Curated Closet

Chelsea K. RayComment