Rosegal: Underwear


Not sure why we speak so little about underwear.  It's something we all wear in one way or another.  For me, bra and undies, always, everyday.  And they can't leave lines or be anything less than comfortable.  Unfortunately, my criteria doesn't always lend itself to the prettiest underwear.  Luckily, Rosegal has underwear that's pretty, functional and comfortable.


Some girls love a corset.  They cinch your waist, they make you look super sexy and they push up your breasts.  Rosegal has an incredible selection of gorgeous corsets and bustiers here.  For me, can't do it.  Just the thought of my abdomen being squeezed for than 5 minutes makes me cringe.  You are one brave, sexy mama to pull a corset off.


Who says pretty sports bras have to be for only the petite?  Not me!  I'm a real woman with a real need for support when I work out... and I want to look pretty.  Rosegal has an awesome selection of sports bras in regular and plus size.  They have more plus size bras than I've seen on most sites and you don't have to skimp on fit or style.

Shop Rosegal and buy now for all your underwear needs.  They carry a full line from socks, undies, bras and even lingerie.  And don't forget athletic apparel.  Their sports bras will give you the support you need, while still making you look good. 

Chelsea K. RayComment