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Spring is such an exciting time of year.  It's Prom season, Wedding season and lots of formal events in between.  If you're going to buy a stunning gown, make sure it's handmade in the USA, from Rushana Bright.  

We produce hand-made dresses and all of them made in US. Our dresses are made to last. We use only high quality materials. We pay extra attention to details.            -Rushana Bright

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My friend just got married and she was specifically looking for a short reception dress with sleeves.  I searched high and wide with her and didn't find anything she loved.  She ended up settling on a sleeveless short dress for her wedding reception and looked stunning, but I wish I had seen this Rushana Bright dress before her big day.  It's stunning.  It could be worn for almost any special occasion, with the lace and beading details.

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I wish this prom dress by Rushana Bright was around when I was in high school!  The sweet pink color and pearl beading is everything.  Pair it with ivory peep-toe pumps and you can dance the night away.  The pink tulle skirt gives the dress a perfect balance to it's v-neck style top.

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Rushana Bright doesn't just make formal wear.  I'm in love with this double breasted blazer dress.  I could wear this to EVERYTHING.  With it's soft ivory color, you can wear it day to night, brunch to dinner and even cocktails after work.  I love the way the model paired the dress with tan knee-high boots.  A perfect balance for the short dress.


A little about the Designer and Creator of Rushana Bright:

Rushana Yuldasheva is a fashion designer with 8 years of experience and she is originally from Uzbekistan. She holds a Bachelor's Degree from the Textile University of Uzbekistan. Like many others, she came to the US to fulfill her dream, which includes becoming the best in the fashion field. She decided to turn her passion into fashion design to a luxury clothing brand in August 2017. Rushana lives in Oshkosh, Wisconsin with her family. Apart from designing and making clothes, she is passionate about sports and fitness, healthy nutrition, blogging, and cooking. She also loves traveling and discovering new cultures.  

Because she comes from Uzbekistan, you will find that Rushana is fond of using traditional eastern beauty elements in her dresses. Above is the picture of Rushana in one of the traditional Uzbek clothes

In her dresses, she tries to tries to "Create New by Keeping the Best". She takes inspiration from the world's most talented fashion designers, especially Christian Dior. Also, she strives to design dresses that depict women's inner beauty. She uses shines, glitter, rhinestones in moderation so that at the end, dresses become beautiful and shiny. 

In her designs, you will feel the powerful notch of central Asian beauty. The varieties of spring colors and stones that are common for Central Asia make her clothes especially unique. 

She is one of the finalists of Downtown Appleton Avant-Garde Challenge from Northeast Wisconsin Arts Association.She works hard on herself and looks forward to participating in other notable fashion competitions of the US. 

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