Your Custom Phone Case


If your family is anything like mine, we're all on the same plan and as soon one of us gets the best new phone, everyone else is running out an getting the same one.  Okay, so now we ALL have the same phone and we all need different cases so we're not constantly picking up each other's phone.  The perfect solution: Your Custom Phone Case.

We may all have the same phone, but now we can tell them apart, because instead of going with a generic plain case, we all got to customize our own case.  Mine is a clear case with my profile picture of my little man and I at our favorite hotel in South Florida.  My husbands's case has an image of fish that he got off at clip art site.  Of course the boys chose cases with pictures of them fishing on it.  Each case is different, customized to our own personalities and the best part is we've each dropped our phone at least a dozen times and not one chip or crack.


Make your own phone case for your tablet or phone at, it's not only great for creating your own case but it also makes for a unique gift. It is perfect for just about any occasion including birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, or even as a spontaneous gift for your friends. A picture of your favorite memory with friends or family or even a cool graphic design, the possibilities are endless! Custom phone cases are not just for your personal life... they also work for business!


Making a case at is super easy. In order to get the best look possible, it is always important to choose high-quality photos directly from your phone, camera, or social media. If there are people or animals in your beautiful picture, make sure they are centered to ensure that you capture all the action. Are you planning on creating a case with rounded edges? Make sure you keep faces away from the red lines. Have fun creating your own customized case.


We take so many photos on daily basis. We go on holiday, have animals that we love dearly, and enjoy fun-filled, unforgettable moments with our friends and family. Most of the time these photos are quickly forgotten and disappear between hundreds, if not thousands, of photos. But, with this does not have to be the case (pun intended). In fact, you can now carry these photos with you every day on your new phone case. Making your own phone case is simple and fast, in a few minutes you can make a unique case for yourself or as a fun gift for family and friends.


So whether you are trying to all tell your phones apart, or thinking of a unique gift idea or want to be the talk of the town with the coolest new thing, Your Custom Phone Case is where it's at.

Chelsea K. RayComment