Transition to Fall


Woah. It went from 80’s to 60’s overnight in the Northeast. You feel that? Fall has officially arrived (technically Saturday for those of you who are keeping track). Looks like you’ll need to get out your layering pieces and transition to Fall.

That doesn’t mean you have to put away ALL of your summer wardrobe. Fall is actually a really fun time to keep out your lighter pieces and incorporate some warmer ones to layer under and over. Flip flops? Yes. Put them away. Swimsuits? Yup. Those will need to go in your vacation bin. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Read and learn.


In this image above, I’m wearing a stunning printed scarf dress that offers endless possibilities. It’s summer, everything is great, and then BOOM….


Fall hits and I’m still able to rock my beautiful dress. I swapped my peep-toe heels for over-the-knee boots and threw on a cropped leather jacket and I’m ready for Fall.

See, these Fall pieces weren’t sitting in my closet all summer. I just don’t have room for all four seasons. Not to mention all those options can be quite overwhelming, and the temptation to wear someone unseasonable is too great.

As soon as that chill in the air arrives (which was exactly this morning), I know it’s time to put away my Summer pieces and incorporate Fall. Like I said, flip flops, swimsuits, sheer, floral, etc. gotta go. Years ago, I invested in plastic bins from Target. Each bin has a label (for example: Swimwear and cover-ups), and when those pieces are no longer seasonable, I put them away.

The fun part about packing away last season’s clothes is that you get to bring out new ones that you potentially haven’t seen since last year. Kinda feels like a mini-shopping spree. On a side note: sometimes I rake up incredible deals on summer clearance pieces and put them away in my summer bin (still with tags), so that I’m pulling them out next summer brand new!


Now keep in mind, transition isn’t drastic. It’s a subtle way to slowly change over from one season to the next. In the picture above, I’m wearing a printed skirt and tank that I love for summer. My Fall transition is layering a cardigan over and pairing the look with gray suede booties.

Keep in mind, your staples can stay in your closet all year. Blazers, trousers, dresses, blouses can all stay. They just need to be re-worked and incorporated with warmer pieces.

If all of this sounds incredibly overwhelming, CALL ME! I specialize in wardrobe organization and can teach you skills to independently transition your closet. Feeling like you’re missing pieces or your wardrobe needs an update? CALL ME! Let’s talk budget and get you into a wardrobe that not only you love, but will get you compliments galore. A consultation is always free and the education of style is priceless.

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