Wildwood Oyster Co. Necklaces


Accessories are such an integral part of your everyday look. The right pair of boots can add extra pep in your step. A head-turning bag can elevate any style. And a statement necklace can make an outfit so much more interesting. Everyone is wearing the layered chain look, or the brightly colored gem pieces, but how about something completely different?

I’m talking about Wildwood Oyster Co. Necklaces. Made with real leather detailing and brightly colored dock rope, these statement necklaces are going to make you say, WOW.


There’s two gorgeous styles. The original has two tones of rope tied into an Celtic Heart knot. It is adjustable in length and comes in almost any color your heart could desire. The Celtic Heart knots are complete loops that have no start or finish, which is said to represent eternity whether this means loyalty, faith, friendship or love. The thread is used in each design to symbolize how life and eternity are interconnected.


The second newer design is a bit more sleek. Two tones of brightly colored dock rope attached with WildWood Oyster Co. logo stamped on real leather detailing. Of course, your look wouldn’t be complete without Wildwood Oyster Co.’s gorgeous leather tote. Dock rope handle on the authentic leather bag to match the rope on your necklace. Now that’s a statement.


The Designer of Wildwood Oyster Co., Becky McKinnell lives locally right here in Maine.

I'm a designer, entrepreneur, wife, mom and I believe that building a business should be fun. This is a picture of me on our dinghy on a fall evening about to try my very first oyster that my husband and I grew from a small tiny seed to full size in over a year and a half. (It was delicious!)

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