Ceramic Kitty Box


Have a cat? Then you probably know they’re the most glorious pet you can have. Cats, despite what dog owners say, are loving, thoughtful and highly entertaining. I’ve been a cat owner my entire life and I can’t say enough good things about cats. Most days, I rush home because I’m so excited to play with my kitties at the end of a long day.

We recently added a new kitten, Leo to our home. He’s a Bengal cat and lives up to his reputation. Incredibly affectionate, intelligent and can do things a regular domestic cat can’t. Like jump straight up in the air several feet, do a twist and with one claw, grab whatever he has his sights on. It’s unreal.

One thing I did forget about before we got the kitten is how active their digestive system is. He literally uses the kitty box up to ten times a day. Every cat owner knows it’s important to scoop regularly, but there’s not much you can do about how unsightly the litter box is (or boxes, if you have multiple cats). I just learned that a cat box doesn’t have to be an eyesore. Check out these gorgeous new ceramic litter boxes.


50Cats is setting new standards in cat litter box hygiene. Ceramics have long been a favourite material for use in home sanitary fixtures, such as washbasins and toilets.

The 20th century brought plastic into our lives, our kitchens, and our lavatories. Plastic is practical, easy to manufacture, and, of course, inexpensive.

But it compares unfavourably to porcelain. Unlike porcelain, it is not durable, and it fails to offer outstanding hygiene. Particularly when confronted with aggressive liquids, it systematically breaks down.

Plastic absorbs unpleasant odours. It loses its shine. It fades. It becomes misshaped, and cracks inevitably appear.

Perfectly non-porous ceramic enamel is entirely antibacterial and indestructible. And it retains its beauty for many years.

You use ceramics in your lavatory. Don’t make your cat do its business in a porta-potty!


We work hard all year to make our home beautiful. Why put an ugly, plastic litter box in your home? I’m loving the idea of a ceramic litter box. It may just be the new conversation piece in your home. We love our cats like family, so why not treat them like family and spoil them with a beautiful throne, just like the ones we sit on? If you’d like to order one of these stunning cat litter boxes, contact Arek: michulkaarek@gmail.com

Chelsea K. RayComment