Yova- Handmade Jewelry


I never want to be that girl that runs out and buys something because everyone else is wearing it. I actually avoid super trendy things, because we all know how quickly they come and go. I’d much rather invest in pieces that are classic and timeless. Like Yova- Handmade Jewelry. Their pieces are unique, high quality and stunning.


I always love jewellery but I prefer some special one, you know, not like common products which you can find everywhere. I was looking for a piece of hand-making jewellery but I couldn’t find it. In the wake of this situation, one day I was thinking myself maybe I would design and make some jewellery?
It’s important to act when you have some idea and one day I created Yova.
The simple, short word with unique, anti-allergic jewellery.
To be honest, it’s not easy to build the new brand but I believe the women will love my products because I design it with the deepest part of my heart. I want to give them something special.
I believe that my handmade titanium jewellery is not only a beautiful adornment for every one woman but it can give her the strength to realize her dreams and goals.
I look ahead and I`m planning to add silver and gold to my titanium jewellery soon. I love to fulfil my dream.
I like cooking, reading books and to travel and I love to help people and share good energy with them. I hope YOU love my YOVA titanium jewellery.
-Joanne Michulka, jewellery designer and owner Yova brand


Just one piece of Yova Jewelry is a statement enough, but I love wearing the bracelet, earrings and necklace all together. I keep my look simple, so the jewelry can do all the talking. Pair jeans with a white tee, and these beautiful pieces will stand out in a crowd. Or turn heads by accessorizing your cocktail dress with Yova’s gold titanium set.

Each piece is lightweight and comfortable to wear. Your hair won’t get tangled in the earrings and you can wear the necklace all day without even knowing it’s there. Well, until people start asking where you got that stunning piece. The bracelet is my favorite, because it’s bold and can be worn on any place on your arm. Don’t like it dangling around on your wrist? Slide it up to your forearm for a bold look.


Thank you for choosing our jewellery.It is handmade and we put all our heart into its manufacture and want to share with you the positive energy. Creativity is the greatest ability of man, because it allows to move the concept from the imaginary world into the physical sphere. This is a unique experience, especially when you can share it with others. Creating jewellery is not only an opportunity for us to create, but also to express our emotions.We have discovered titanium as a material that gives many possibilities for creating hypoallergenic and very durable pieces of jewellery.Brass also turned out to be fine material for production. The jewellery made of it is sunny and full of heat.If you are looking for something unique, our titanium bracelets with gemstones are for you. Each one is as singular as you. -Yova

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